TimePro is the ideal choice for:

– Consultants
– Project Managers
– Recruitment Agencies
– IT Departments
– Architects

...or any organisation where project-based time tracking is required

Useful Hints & Tips

Logon Anywhere
TimePro's logon can be integrated with your Intranet or web site. You will find the necessary script on our web site by clicking on  located on the home page next to Customer Logon.

Timesheet Templates
When you create a Project it is possible to assign one of four standard timesheet templates or we can create a custom template for you with your own logo.

Export Data
With TimePro's unique "point-and-click" and MYOB features you can export data into Excel®, MYOB® and more.

Check Timesheets
Chasing staff for timesheets? Use our Check Timesheets option on the TimePro toolbar.

Email Reports
Need to email reports in a user-friendly format? Click the View Quick Report button in TimePro. Then in the case of IE choose File/Send/Page by Email. In the case of NS choose File/Send Page.

View Quick Report
Use this option to view a print/email friendly version of screens and reports.

See parameter "Use Authorisation" to enable electronic approval of timesheets by management. See Settings Tab-> Configure option.

Online Help
Comprehensive online application guide for administrators and general users.

On behalf of all the team at Intertec, welcome to our TimePro Newsletter for Winter 2005.

--Intertec TimePro Goes Global--   

In addition to our valued client base in Australia, it is with great pleasure that we welcome our overseas customers to Intertec TimePro's Newsletter - 2005 Winter Edition.

Intertec TimePro is now multinational and making its mark in countries including New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, South Africa and the Philippines.

Since the launch of our regionalised web site in June 2005 we have experienced a significant increase in registrations and this has lead to overseas sales of our Intertec TimePro Hosting Service.

Our web site and application now fully supports regional settings for these countries whose flags are represented on our updated web site at www.timesheets.com.au. In addition our payment gateway has been updated to use WorldPay - specialists in global Internet Payment Solutions.

We thank all our customers for their support as we embark on this new era. The outlook for Intertec TimePro is very bright indeed!

Steve Katz - Director Sales & Marketing

Feature Article:

Build or Buy - Tips to help you decide?

Ever thought about the costs and implications of building your own timesheet system versus purchasing a solution? Here are some compelling reasons why you should consider TimePro over developing an in-house solution from scratch.

Building your own time tracking solution can be very expensive taking into account consulting fees, hardware costs, technical staff and on-going support and maintenance costs. Setting up your own system can easily cost tens of thousands of dollars. TimePro's monthly fees range from as low as AUD$5 per person for a 100 user licence per month or only AUD$7 per person for a 5 user licence per month. There is no minimum contract length so TimePro is a low risk and flexible cost effective solution.

TimePro uses industry standard security including 24x7 monitoring of our service, optional 128 bit (SSL) encryption, automatic logout and nightly data backup. Each customer also has their own distinct data storage area. Can you afford to invest in all of these measures yourself?

Using installed software can be tricky if you don't always work off the same machine. Remote access into Virtual Private Networks and Local Area Networks can also be expensive and difficult to configure. TimePro is available from any computer with Internet access, on your own network or across the globe.

You can spend hours installing and configuring traditional packaged software. Configuring a server can take many hours, and that often is repeated when your business grows and requirements change. TimePro is constantly being upgraded,and users enjoy multiple updates per year at little or no additional cost.

Will your in-house I.T. department be able to assist you with questions anytime of the working day? TimePro offers responsive web-based support including updated frequently asked questions and online documentation. Customers on our Premium or Custom plans are also automatically eligible to receive extended telephone support.

Most of the new features in TimePro are the direct result of feedback from our existing and potential customers. If you have some ideas for enhancements that you would like to share with us then email your comments to support@timesheets.com.au

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