// Presenting Intertec TimePro Version 5.0

Welcome to the Intertec TimePro newsletter for February 2008.

In this issue, we are proud to announce the release of our next major upgrade for Intertec TimePro: Intertec TimePro version 5.0.

Now, you can track time anywhere, anytime, more effectively and more efficiently, thanks to a suite of new features and enhancements in TimePro.

In 2007, Intertec canvassed our broad customer base to enquire about improvements they would like to see in TimePro. The new features, functions and improved performance of TimePro v5.0 are based on feedback and requests for enhancements to the system we received from you, our valued customers.

Version 5.0 sees a whole host of new features and functionality added to the already proven and easy-to-use TimePro solution. Some of the major enhancements include:

  • New Stylish Interface – Choose a Colour Scheme

  • TimePro v5.0 features a new stylish interface which updates the look and feel, making the interface more visually appealing as well as easier to use for both Administrators and Users.

    Choose between Blue, Green, Orange, Grey, Brown and Black based colour schemes to more closely align with your existing corporate profile.

  • Global Projects

  • In the past, to make a Project visible to all Staff, the Adminstrator was required to assign each Staff member to that Project either manually or using the application's Copy Project/Staff features.

    In TimePro v5.0, the Administrator is able to flag a Project as "Global", meaning that it will automatically become visible to all Staff without any need for the system administrator to make the assignment. To achieve this there are other associated enhancements such as Default Staff Cost and Charge Rates stored at the Staff level and used by the application when assigning Staff to Projects.

    This functionality will significantly reduce the amount of administrative overhead for organisations that require all or certain Projects to be set up to be visible to all Staff.

  • Staff Projects - Bulk Change

  • Staff Projects - Bulk Change is a powerful new feature in TimePro v5.0 designed to streamline the task of maintaining Staff-Project records in TimePro. In the past Administrators had to make changes one record at a time, which could be time consuming when rolling out rate changes and the like.

    The new Bulk Change function simplifies the process by letting TimePro Administrators update multiple Staff Project records at once, significantly reducing the time and effort it takes to perform these changes. Bulk Changes can also be made to apply from an effective Date, allowing the Administrator to retrospectively apply changes to existing Time records.

  • Text Search in Admin Records Listings

  • Administrators can now perform a text search on the maintenance pages in TimePro, making it easier to find specific records without having to browse through all records in the list.

    The text search function cleverly looks through all relevant columns for matching records and is available on all the Admin maintenance screens.

  • Other enhancements

  • TimePro v5.0 also features a number of minor enhancements that extend on exisiting system operations:

    • Negative Time Entry: TimePro can now be configured to allow for the entry of Negative Time into the timesheets. Negative Time is deducted from the total of hours recorded against a project, and is useful for correcting errors in times recorded in previous periods.
    • Entry of Zero Time: You can now configure TimePro to allow Entry of Zero Time. This is useful when Staff are required to submit a timesheet for a period even if they have not worked during that period.
    • Enter Expenses Including Tax: This is a new configuration setting that allows Administrators to determine whether Expense entry in TimePro is to include or exclude Tax.
    • Default Charge and Cost Rates: The Manage My Projects screen, which lets Users assign themselves to Projects, has been enhanced to take advantage of the Default Charge and Cost Rates which can be assigned to Staff Records. When Users add themselves to Projects using this screen, the Default Charge and Cost Rates in their Staff records will be automatically applied to their new Staff Project record assignments.
    • Project Specific Tasks sequencing in Time Entry: Project Specific Tasks listed in the Task Undertaken drop down menu in Time Entry is now in numerical order, based on the Sequence Number assigned to the Project Specific Tasks, making for easier identification of Tasks by Users. If Task Sequence Numbers are not used then the ordering of tasks is as it was previously (description order).
    • Administrator Access Only: It is now possible to immediately prevent all access by non-Admin Staff by setting a configuration option. Previously it was only possible to prevent non-Admin Staff members from logging on, and thus there was no way of preventing access for those already logged on.
    • Rate Change Options: When using the special edit function ‘change icon’ located on the Staff Project screen alongside the Charge Rate, Cost Rate and Cost Code fields, you can now choose to make a Standard Edit or a Historical-Preservation Edit. The Standard Edit modifies the selected record directly, affecting historical time and expense records already attached as well as any new time and expense records to be entered. The Historical-Preservation Edit is different in that it disables the selected Staff Project record, thus preserving the Charge Rate, Cost Rate and Cost Code fields attached to existing time records – a new Staff Project record is then automatically created with the new values to which all future time and expense records are associated.
    • Displaying Roles in Print and Authorise Timesheets: TimePro Print Timesheets (Project Timesheets, Summary Timesheets and Detail Timesheets ) and Authorise Timesheets have been enhanced so that Roles, if used, will also be shown with the Project, Task and Task Description data displayed on these timesheets.

  • MYOB Integration Module Updates

  • Integration with the latest MYOB releases: The MYOB Integration Module in TimePro v5.0 has been updated to integrate with the most recent releases of MYOB Accounting and Business Products:

    • MYOB Accounting 17 (Australia)
    • MYOB Accounting Plus 17 (Australia)
    • MYOB Premier 11 (Australia)
    • MYOB Accounting 17 (New Zealand)
    • MYOB Accounting Plus 17 (New Zealand)
    • MYOB Premier 11 (New Zealand)

    Default MYOB Activity Record: When using the Global Project feature, a default MYOB Activity Record called "Not yet assigned" will be inserted in Staff Project Records if there is no existing MYOB Activity record in the system, or if multiple MYOB Activity records exist. This default record will remind Administrators that they need to assign a MYOB Activity to the Staff Project Record.

// Try TimePro v5.0 in our Demo Rooms

TimePro v5.0 (Beta) is now available for demonstration in our TimePro Demo Rooms. To visit, point your web browser to www.timesheets.com.au / www.timesheets.co.nz and:

  • Select the “Demo Rooms” tab
  • Enter the login details -
       Login ID: admin
       Password: password

// How do I upgrade to TimePro v5.0?

TimePro Hosted customers pay a small once-off migration fee to cover the site setup and data migration of their TimePro systems to the new version v5. The upgrade fee schedule is based on the number of steps required by the database administrator to upgrade you from your current version, as follows:




Versions 3.4-3.8


$600 inc GST

Versions 4.0-4.2


$450 inc GST

Versions 4.3-4.5


$300 inc GST

Version 4.6


$150 inc GST. Free for customers who commenced in 2008

TimePro In-House customers who are currently on support and maintenance are eligible for a free upgrade when the version 5.0 upgrade is released for TimePro In-House in March 2008.

For more information about the upgrade to TimePro v5.0, please contact Intertec Consulting today:

Telephone: Australia: (08) 9286 3911 | International: +61 8 9286 3911 - Email: info@timesheets.com.au

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