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// Welcome

The Intertec TimePro team would like to welcome you to our Summer Newsletter.

2006 has been a busy and very exciting one for the team at Intertec Consulting. Not only did we continue to grow TimePro successfully overseas via our i-Timesheets brand, we have also implemented a number of major enhancements to Intertec TimePro with our recent new release.

We are proud to present the new release of TimePro version 4.6 which features the Compact Interface, providing mobile PDA and general users with access to TimePro timesheets via a neat compact interface. More information can be found in the feature article below.

'06 also saw an incredible growth of interest in TimePro's MYOB Integration Module from MYOB consultants and their clients - thanks to our representation at national MYOB Consultant Conferences in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. This has opened up a new market for us - with MYOB Consultants now recommending TimePro to clients who require a time-tracking and timesheet management application that works with MYOB.

We also launched our TimePro Referral Program this year. Program members can receive a 10% referral reward by referring their clients on to us. For more information, contact Intertec Consulting on +61 (08) 9286 3911 or email sales@timesheets.com.au

For fans of blogs and blogging, TimePro is now part of the Blogsphere, with the release of the TimePro Blog. You can keep abreast of news updates and tips by visiting our blog.

As we get set for an exciting year ahead, the team at TimePro would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your continued support. We look forward to sharing the year ahead with you.

The TimePro Sales and Support Team
www.timesheets.com.au ; www.timesheets.co.nz ; www.i-timesheets.com

// Feature Article > TimePro Amplified - v4.6 - New Features

TimePro Compact Interface
As customers of Intertec TimePro, you know that the team is always working to enhance and improve the product by evolving the product to make it more applicable to our broad customer base. We're most excited about our release of the TimePro Compact Interface, which provides TimePro users with a neat and compact entry interface for core time-entry activities. This serves two very good purposes:

  • PDA Users: The Compact Interface makes TimePro accessible to users of mobile PDA devices, Pocket PCs, Palm Pilots and Blackberrys. The TimePro Compact Interface makes TimePro more readily available to a mobile workforce, such as staff out on site or on the road.
  • All Users: It makes TimePro a very useful tool for your desktop, providing a more convenient time entry screen in a compact interface.

Staff/Line Manager
With this latest release of TimePro, Staff can now be assigned a Staff/Line Manager who will be responsible for approving or rejecting a Staff timesheet. The assignment will be enabled as a modification to the existing General Configuration setting Use Authorisation, which will allow the system to be setup for either Project Authorisation, Staff Authorisation or No Authorisation.

When Staff Authorisation is enabled, the Line Manager will receive an e-mailed request for authorisation when a staff member submits a timesheet. The email contains a link, which will take the Line Manager to a web page with the staff member's timesheet information for authorisation. The Line Manager may then choose to accept or reject a timesheet.

Advanced MYOB Setup
Customers wanting to integrate with their MYOB Accounting System now have improved facilities to help with the initial up-take of data in the TimePro set up and configuration process.

The MYOB Import Facility in TimePro currently allows you to import lists of values from MYOB. The lists significant to TimePro are Activities, Customers and Suppliers. The values in the list you supply from MYOB are inserted or appended to the existing list held by TimePro.

TimePro's MYOB Import Facility has been enhanced to make it easier and quicker to populate MYOB related tables in TimePro without having to manually re-enter the data when you set up TimePro Customer, Supplier and Activity records. This feature is most likely to be used when setting up the MYOB Integration Module for the first time.

Once the initial data has been imported, records are viewed and maintained using maintenance screens in TimePro. Any further changes made to MYOB data can be imported again or maintained on a record-by-record basis in TimePro.

For more information on any of the above new features, see the Upgrades section on our web site at: https://www.timesheets.com.au/Upgrades.asp

// How do I upgrade to TimePro version 4.6?

TimePro Hosted customers on TimePro version 4.4+ are eligible for a free upgrade upon request.

For other Hosted customers, there is a small once-off migration fee to covers the site setup and data migration. The upgrade fee schedule is based on the number of steps required by the database administrator to upgrade you from your current version, as follows:

  • Version 3.4 - $600 inc GST
  • Versions 3.5 & 3.6 - $450 inc GST
  • Version 3.7 - $300 inc GST
  • Versions 4.0, 4.1, 4.2, 4.3 - $150 inc GST

TimePro In-House customers who are currently on support and maintenance are eligible for a free upgrade when the upgrade is released for TimePro In-House in February 2007.

Enhancement Requests
Most of the new features in TimePro are the direct result of feedback from our existing and potential customers. If you have some ideas for enhancements that you would like to share with us then email your comments to support@timesheets.com.au

// Product Roadmap

The new elements described in this edition of the TimePro Newsletter are at the vanguard of a whole slew of innovative features that Intertec will be implementing in 2007 - with the planned release of our next major upgrade of TimePro: TimePro v5.0.

TimePro v5.0 will feature a new 'skin' which updates the application's look and feel, making the interface more visually appealing as well as easier to use. Other key new developments in TimePro v5.0 will be the introduction of Global Projects and Enhanced Staff-Project Rates functionality.

Global Projects: If your organisation requires that a Project be available for time recording by all Staff, then you will find the new TimePro Global Projects feature very useful. Instead of having to create individual Staff-Project records manually using the Copy Project/Staff feature, you can now use Global Projects to make a project visible to all Staff when you first create the project.

Enhanced Staff-Project Rates: functionality is being introduced to streamline the task of maintaining Staff-Project rates in TimePro. It will be possible to change Cost and/or Charge Rates for all or nominated Staff on Projects. Staff will also be assigned default Cost and Charge Rates which will be used when assigning Staff to Projects.

These and other new features in TimePro ver 5.0 are expected to modernise TimePro and reduce administrative overhead.

// Feature Tip > Tracking Leave with TimePro

Did you know that you can also use TimePro to track overheads, such as holiday leave, sick leave, public holidays and so on?

To do this, set up your own organisation as a Customer in TimePro, then create projects for these overheads as "unchargeable projects". Staff then record time against these overhead 'projects', which can be reported via the suite of reports available in TimePro.

In fact, with the new Global Projects planned for inclusion in our next major release ver 5.0, you can quickly and easily set up overhead projects such as these within a few clicks. Simply create one such project, such as "Annual Leave", and flag the project as a "Global Project". This project will then automatically become visible to all Staff members in TimePro.

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