TimePro is the ideal choice for:

– Consultants
– Project Managers
– Recruitment Agencies
– IT Departments
– Architects

...or any organisation where project-based time tracking is required

Useful Hints & Tips

Batch Print
Use to print a range of timesheets. For example when generating sales invoices for a given period.

Timesheet Authorisation
See parameter "Use Authorisation" to enable electronic approval of timesheets by management. See Settings Tab-> Configure option.

View Quick Report Use this option to view a print/email friendly version of screens and reports.

Pick a Date
Allows a report date to be chosen using a calendar display.

Chase Timesheets
Use this option to verify timesheets at the end of a period and to send a quick email reminder to staff.

Online Help
Comprehensive online application guide for administrators and general users.

Customers using TimePro ver 3.6 or earlier - confirm your intention to upgrade to ver 4.0 by 6/12/04 and we will charge you a "one-step" upgrade fee of $300 inc GST saving you up to $450 inc GST.

Customers using TimePro ver 3.7 or later - confirm your intention to upgrade to ver 4.0 by 6/12/04 and we will offer a 50% discount ($150 inc GST) off our normal upgrade fee of $300 inc GST.

Phone +61 (08) 9286 3911 or Email us today to take advantage of these special offers.

On behalf of all the team at Intertec, welcome to our TimePro Newsletter for Summer 2004.

With Summer fast approaching, we are about to turn up the heat with the launch of Intertec TimePro ver 4.0.  Featuring our new Project Management functionality combined with other key enhancements, this major release is guaranteed to further improve the process of time management in your business.  TimePro ver 4.0 is in final beta stage and is planned for release in early Dec 2004. See more information below.

In our feature article, we draw your attention to the increased use of PDAs in the workplace. A range of functions from accessing e-mail accounts and the Internet to sending faxes and digital images have become commonplace. We touch on this future trend and look at our plan for delivering a "mobile" Intertec TimePro solution.

Please note that our offices will be operating with a skeleton staff to handle any support enquiries for two weeks over the Christmas period (27/12/04 - 9/1/05). On behalf of the staff and management at Intertec, we wish you all the very best over the festive season and look forward to working with you in the new year.  

Steve Katz - Director Sales & Marketing

Feature Article:

Future Trends - Intertec TimePro and PDAs

The term PDA is short for 'personal digital assistant'  and refers to a handheld device that combines computing, telephone/fax, and networking features. PDAs are also called palmtops, hand-held computers and pocket computers. The field of PDA development was pioneered by Apple Computer TM , which introduced the Newton MessagePad in 1993. Shortly thereafter, several other manufacturers offered similar products.

The wireless connectivity of the next generation of PDAs using Wi-Fi and Bluetooth technologies is supporting the extension and direction of future applications. Wireless technology in general has become cheaper and much more common over the last few years as more home users and institutions deploy or adopt wireless networks to share lines and devices around the house or within the workplace.

Wireless is also seen as a critical platform for content delivery in the future and in the development of community networks as the population becomes an increasingly mobile one. Fuelled by the need to work in different environments and for different purposes, individuals and organizations need to go beyond traditional computing and information-seeking infrastructures. PDAs and wireless networks are extending these boundaries to the benefit of personal and business applications.

Analysts predict that this rapid roll-out of wireless technology and related applications will drive the development of a new class of handheld devices that incorporate server technology to enable message and service brokering, database hosting and access to selected data. Intertec shares these views and we have already begun working in close partnership with an Australian specialist mobile commerce group to define our strategy and develop a "mobile" Intertec TimePro solution. See first-generation "mobile" Intertec TimePro prototype screens above.

Intertec are interested in hearing from our customers and prospects who feel they have a requirement or an interest in using PDAs for time tracking in their business. Please send us an email  with your comments/feedback 

TimePro ver 4.0

Our new release of Intertec TimePro (ver 4.0) has features aimed at further improving the process of time tracking and management as well as functionality to integrate with third party software tools such as MS Project. 

Some of the highlights in the new release include:

Major Enhancements

  1. Drill Down Data Viewer– a new data mining tool that displays all of the Time and Expense records underlying a particular row that has been selected on a TimePro screen or report.
  2. Project-specific Tasks– new functionality aimed at Project Managers that allows a Task(s) to be recorded against specific Project, including both dollar and hour estimates of work undertaken. Facilitates bi-directional and recurring import/export of Tasks using MS Project and other third party software tools.
  3. Enhanced Security- improved password functionality with automatic user email notification.
  4. Project Delete - new administrator delete functionality to remove a Project and related records.
  5. Session Longevity - previously depending on server load, user sessions could be ended after only 20min of inactivity. Enhancements have now been made to extend the surival of a user session.

Minor Enhancements

  1. Timesheet View- new feature that allows view-only of time records for locked timesheets.
  2. User Email- new email function for general users to send the administrator an email message.
  3. Quick Edit - new links on the Project Staff list screen to quickly edit Project or Staff details.
  4. Field Focus - improved usability as field focus set for more commonly used entry fields.
  5. Rounding Hours - more flexible rounding of hours worked. Now handles the following fractions of an hour: 3,5,6,10,12,15,20 and 30 min intervals.
  6. Timesheet Templates - updates to timesheet templates to improve format for multiple items recorded per day.
  7. Interface Improvements including - i) grouping of Edit, Copy, Delete and Drilldown actions on list screens, ii) Expense Codes icon moved from Admin Tab to the Settings Tab.
  8. MYOB Sales Export - i) update to MYOB invoice to filter on Customers using a drop down list, ii) Export now supports MYOB Individuals as well as Companies.
  9. Other minor fixes and enhancements.

More information will be sent via email shortly.

Enhancement Requests

Most of the new features in TimePro are the direct result of feedback from our existing and potential customers. If you have some ideas for enhancements that you would like to share with us then email your comments to support@timesheets.com.au

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