// Welcome to the Intertec TimePro newsletter for November 2009.

In this issue, we are proud to announce the release of a significant upgrade for Intertec TimePro: Intertec TimePro version 5.1. Now, you can track time anywhere, anytime, more effectively and more efficiently, thanks to a suite of new features and enhancements in TimePro.

Having reached the tail-end of the Global Financial Crisis, now is a great time to re-think business practices and to look at ways of working more efficiently and reducing corporate overheads by streamlining your accounting and administrative processes.

The past year has been a busy time for our Team. We have formed new marketing strategies for an aggressive push into the global marketplace and are seeing a healthy increase in interest and sales from abroad. In addition to the enhancements introduced in version 5.1, our development team has been busy building significant custom modules for Clients in both the private and government sectors.

On behalf of all the Team at Intertec, thank you for your continued support and we trust that you find our newsletter informative.

Intertec TimePro Sales & Marketing

// Announcing: Intertec TimePro v5.1

With a host of new and powerful features and enhancements, TimePro v5.1 lets you track time anywhere, anytime more efficiently and effectively than ever before.

New features

  • Project and Staff multi-selector

  • A new multi-selector tool has been added to a number of Intertec TimePro reports which gives Intertec TimePro Administrators the ability to select a range of Staff or Project record values for inclusion in one report.

  • Customer and Supplier access to Intertec TimePro

  • You can now create logins for external customers and suppliers, giving restricted access to a few selected Intertec TimePro reports so that Customers can view details recorded against their Projects and Suppliers can view details recorded against their contract Staff.

  • Configurable field width of drop-down lists in Time Entry and Expense Entry screens

  • In Intertec TimePro v5.1, you can specify the maximum width of the drop-down lists in Time Entry for the Customer, Project and Task drop-downs. Widths can be set between 0 (for automatic drop-down sizing) and 500 pixels.

  • Simplified, easy-to-use Custom Page/Report release

  • With Intertec TimePro v5.1, it is easier for Intertec TimePro Administrators to release standard Admin-only pages and reports to normal Users. Administrators use a user-friendly menu interface to select the User (or category of User), along with the pages they want released to non-Admin user/s.

  • Faster system performance

  • The Intertec TimePro timesheet system is now even faster especially on pages which display a lot of data. With the performance improvements in Intertec TimePro v5.1, the limit for listing Staff Project records has been increased from 500 records to 1000 records.

  • Automatic control of Input Rows

  • Need more rows to enter your Time or Expense records? Intertec TimePro v5.1 now intelligently detects if you are entering data in the last row and will create a new row for you.

  • Authorisation email text can now be edited, and includes Company name:

  • Emails automatically sent to authorising managers when a timesheets is submitted can now be edited in the Intertec TimePro configuration settings.

  • Attendance time records:

  • TimePro v5.1 introduces the ability for TimePro Users to record Attendance Time alongside time working on Projects and Tasks. Attendance Time Recording can be a useful feature in the case where you only record "Worked Hours" for your standard Project time recording, but still need to be able to record Start and Finish Times for Staff to track their Attendance.

  • Enhanced Compact Interface:

  • The look and feel of the compact interface has been significantly improved and optimised for new generation devices such as the Apple iPhone.

  • Other enhancements

  • TimePro v5.1 also features a number of minor enhancements that extend on existing system operations:

    • Projects can now be re-assigned to a different customer: In previous versions of Intertec TimePro, the Customer assigned to a Project is fixed once the Project record is saved and cannot be changed. With v5.1, this restriction has been lifted -- you can now re-assign a Project to a different Customer.
    • Customer drop down lists in Time and Expense Entry screens show customers relevant to Users: TimePro v5.1 now limits the customer drop down lists on the Time and Expense entry screens to list only Customers that are relevant to the User ie. Customers with Projects to which the User currently has active project assignments.
    • Mail server authentication enabled in Intertec TimePro In-house: Mail server authentication is now an optional system configuration for Intertec TimePro In-house users who use a mail server with SMTP authentication.
    • New report: Staff Attendance Report: This reports attendance times for a period. It is visible only if Attendance Times are enabled in the TimePro configuration settings.
    • Expense record deletion alert: The functionality of Expense record deletion has been improved to prevent records from being accidentally deleted. In previous versions of Intertec TimePro, Expense records were permanently removed when the User chose the Delete option. Now, Expense records are first marked for deletion and only permanently removed when the user presses "Save Changes" in the Expense entry screen. This gives the user the ability to back out if records have been deleted by mistake.

  • MYOB Integration Module Upgrades

  • Integration with the latest MYOB releases: We have updated the Intertec TimePro MYOB Integration Module to enable integration with the most recent releases of MYOB Accounting and Business Products, including:

    • MYOB Accounting 17-18.5 (Australia)
    • MYOB Accounting Plus 17-18.5 (Australia)
    • MYOB Premier 11-12.5 (Australia)
    • MYOB Accounting 17-18 (New Zealand)
    • MYOB Accounting Plus 17-18 (New Zealand)
    • MYOB Premier 11-12 (New Zealand)

    MYOB Activity Slips export: Intertec TimePro v5.1 gives Administrators the option of limiting time records for export as Activity Slips to:

    • All data, regardless of setting
    • Only Projects which are flagged for export to MYOB
    • Only Projects which are not flagged for export to MYOB

// Try TimePro v5.1 in our Demo Rooms

TimePro v5.1 is now available for demonstration in our TimePro Demo Rooms, to try:


// Upgrading to TimePro v5.1

TimePro Hosted customers pay a small once-off migration fee to cover the site setup and data migration of their TimePro systems to the new version v5.1. The upgrade fee schedule is based on the number of steps required by the database administrator to upgrade you from your current version.

SPECIAL OFFER: Upgrade your TimePro Hosted Account to v5.1 before 30 November 2009 and receive a 50% discount on your data migration fee!



Usual price

After 50% discount

Versions 3.4-4.2


$600 inc GST

$300 inc GST

Versions 4.3-4.5


$450 inc GST

$225 inc GST

Version 4.6


$300 inc GST

$150 inc GST

Version 5.0


$150 inc GST

$75 inc GST

TimePro In-House customers who are currently on support and maintenance are eligible for a free upgrade when the version 5.1 upgrade is released for TimePro In-House in late 2009.

// Customer Survey

We value our customers' comments and feedback about Intertec TimePro. You can help us improve TimePro for our broad customer base by taking this short online survey. (Note: this link will take you to our customer survey site.)

// TimePro Referral Programme

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Contact Intertec Consulting on +61 8 9286 3911 or email sales@timesheets.com.au to obtain an application form for our Referral Programme.

// Enhancement Requests

Most of the new features in Intertec TimePro are the direct result of feedback from our existing and potential customers. If you have some ideas for enhancements that you would like to share with us then email your comments to support@timesheets.com.au

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