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  • Project Managers
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  • IT Departments
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    ...or any organisation where project-based time tracking is required

    Hints & Tips

    Logon Anywhere TimePro's logon can be integrated with your Intranet or web site. You will find the necessary script on our web site by clicking on  located on the home page next to Customer Logon.

    Configure TimePro TimePro has over 45 parameters so you can tailor the application to suite your business. Choose Settings Tab-> Configure option.

    Schedule Future Work
    Staff can record hours for future periods in the Period Start Date drop down list. See the "Future Periods Shown" configuration option.

    Timesheet Templates
    When you create a Project it is possible to assign one of four standard timesheet templates or we can create a custom template for you with your own logo. 

    Track Expenses
    TimePro allows staff to enter Expenses along with time input. See the "Track Expenses" configuration option.

    Online Help
    Got a question? Check out the comprehensive online application guide by clicking on the help icon on the main application toolbar.

  • Purchase any 12 month subscription to our TimePro Hosting Service and receive the 13th month free.  

    Purchase before 30/9/04 and Intertec will give you a 50% discount on the cost to have your company logo scanned and embedded on TimePro timesheets.

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    On behalf of all the team at Intertec welcome to our TimePro Newsletter for Spring 2004.

    The team has been working hard to achieve our goal of releasing the next version of Intertec TimePro aimed at Project Managers. The upcoming functionality will provide the ability to record actuals and estimates for Project specific Tasks as well as integrate with tools such as Microsoft Project. 

    With staff self-service, e-working and flexible working hours on the increase, Intertec TimePro is perfectly designed to help organisations effectively manage their workforce into the future. Our feature article below highlights some of the ways Intertec TimePro can help you improve time recording and management in your business.

    We thank you for your continued support and are pleased to announce that last month Intertec reached a milestone of more than 1000 users on our fully hosted Intertec TimePro Service.

    Steve Katz - Director Sales & Marketing

    Feature Article:

    Some of the ways Intertec TimePro helps you improve time recording & management in your business.

    Staff Self-Service
    TimePro is 100% web enabled allowing staff to view and modify their own time and expense related information via the Internet/Intranet. Staff can also electronically sign-off a timesheet for a given period streamlining the process and eliminating unnecessary paperwork.

    Cost Management
    TimePro serves as a central repository allowing managers to easily identify labour and expense costs associated with projects.  Reports and access to real-time data provide greater control and the ability to plan and better manage project costs.

    Administrative Overheads
    TimePro's MYOB module allows MYOB users to automate Invoicing and Purchases thereby streamlining the process and eliminating errors through duplication of data entry. TimePro's standard Data Export Facility allows integration with other 3rd party products. There are also several unique features such as TimePro's Timesheet Authorisation allowing managers to electronically approve/reject timesheets and the Check Timesheet facility which allows the system administrator to easily and effectively chase staff to complete their timesheets.

    A TimePro fully-hosted service can be setup and running for you the same day you activate the account, and all this can be done on-line. For in-house installations we ship the application on CD which has an installation and configuration wizard that is intuitive and user-friendly.

    Extensive Support
    TimePro offers responsive web-based support for all nominated customer contacts, including updated frequently asked questions and online documentation. Customers on our Premium or Custom plans or those doing trial evaluations automatically receive telephone support.

    Looking Ahead

    Our next release of TimePro is aimed at Project Managers. The upcoming Project Managers module will integrate with tools such as Microsoft Project. It will allow the user to import Tasks into TimePro and then allocate these Tasks to specific projects. Task estimates and actuals will be recorded to provide statistical information and reports to better manage projects. We are aiming to complete the first beta for internal testing by 3rd QTR 2004.

    Our global push into the International market continues with the registration of domain names in the following countries: New Zealand, United States, United Kingdom, Germany, Philippines and Republic of South Africa.

    Enhancement Requests

    Most of the new features in TimePro are the direct result of feedback from our existing and potential customers. If you have some ideas for enhancements that you would like to share with us then email your comments to support@timesheets.com.au

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